Most Successful Vitamins And Minerals For Sex

Sex is an integral part of everyone’s lives. However there are many people who face problems in their sexual life due to their physical problems which leads to lack of intimacy and other relationship issues. One should supplement with proper minerals and vitamins to regain the energy to perform better “in the bedroom”. In this article, I will reveal a list of vitamins and minerals which will contribute to one’s sexual performance.

Vitamins And Minerals For Sex


This one natural supplement helps in increasing libido, performance and also helps in improving sperm quality. This is a herb which has been in use for thousands of years. Earlier, it was used only in Chinese medicines, but gradually as science started to do more research, people came to know about its benefits. There have been enough researches over the years and men have reported to have better performance and sexual satisfaction after consuming this substance for few weeks.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for both male and female as it produces sex hormones in the body. It is important for women as it helps in maintaining a normal reproductive cycle. With regards to men, studies show it improved sperm count and improved performance. Vitamin A can be boosted through consumption of foods like mango, carrot, green leafy vegetables, chilies, sweet potato, tomato, watermelon etc.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is necessary for metabolism and short bursts of energy. This kind of intense energy is required during love making session. Vitamin B3 is also necessary for production of enzymes, better skin and nerve health. This vitamin helps in your sexual life by increasing blood flow to your private parts (sexual organs) which leads to better orgasm.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is considered the “Sex Vitamin” because it increases blood flow and oxygen to one’s sexual organs. This not only occurs in men, but it also plays an important role for women. This vitamin is also responsible for giving you a sex boost and preserves your vitality and youthfulness.

Folic Acid

This vitamin is very important if you are planning to have babies. It is important for both partners to take folic acid if having a child is the plan. It prevents birth defects in babies and also increases sperm count in men.


Magnesium is an important mineral which aids in the production of androgen and estrogen. These hormones are sex hormones which help in regulating your sex life. This mineral helps in improving libido and enhances sexual performance. Magnesium also helps in controlling sex drive so that one keeps calmed and relaxed. Foods which are rich in magnesium include rice, where, cashews, molasses, soybeans, cocoa powder, flax seeds, basils. Find out the extra health benefits of taking the best form of magnesium here.


Zinc is a mineral which is often considered the most important one in increasing testosterone and sperm count. Not only in men, but healthy testosterone levels in women lead to a wonderful sex life. Zinc helps in regulation of prostatic fluid. If you are deficient in zinc, then your prostate will hurt which will lead to a poor sex life.


This mineral is important for men as it is important for the production of sperm. 50% of the selenium is present in the testes. Men loose selenium from their body when they ejaculate and hence having optimum levels of this mineral is very crucial for a good sex life.

As you can see, taking your vitamins and minerals can make a difference in the “making love” department.


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