Falling In Love With Exercise Will Help You Fall In Love

Use Exercise To Build Healthy Relationships

Relationships are built mainly on shared experiences. Shared experiences are not limited to the good ones. Indeed, even the less than spectacular time shared forges bonds in relationships. Waking up on cold mornings together with your better half to exercise is something you might be very unwilling to do. However, this is an experience that could serve as a means of bonding. As you discuss your routines and failures during the exercises you get closer with each other. There is also the possibility you might be unwilling to let each other down. As a result, you end up doing the exercises regardless of your feelings towards them. These relationships are not delimited to your better half. Exercise also forges healthy relationships between you and your workmates, friends and children. Here is how exercise can have a positive impact on your relationship:

Reduces your stress levels

When it comes to relationships, stress is the least needed element. Your mental health is of paramount importance in maintaining your confidence levels while interacting with people. Stress tends to make you emotional and aggressive straining your relationships with people. As we exercise, the body releases endorphins, the feel good hormone. This makes us feel better giving us the ability to combat stress. The more you exercise the more endorphins released. This translates into a better mental health. Less stress results in happier less strained relationships. For more techniques to deal with stress here.

Builds your confidence levels

Many people are insecure due to their body shapes. The main purpose of exercise should not always be to lose weight. You should also strive to get a better build. Indeed, to get the body shape you desire. As you take steps towards a leaner, stronger body, you achieve stronger self-esteem. This is possible because you will be feeling better about yourself and this positive perception of yourself will show in your interactions with others. The increased levels of confidence will make your current relationships stronger and also give you courage to reach out to new people.

Creates some personal time

We sometimes get so caught up in work, children and our finances that we might not have time for ourselves. All these time consuming commitments end up taking a toll on our mental health. When you step out for a run, you have no commitments in that moment. It is just you and your personal time. Scientific studies have shown that exercise helps boost blood flow in the brain. This can help you in decision making, problem solving and goal setting. Essentially exercise helps you think clearer. This clarity of thought reflects on your relationships with others.

Sharing with your partner

Doing exercises together with your partner helps boost your confidence in exercising. It generates your commitment to the routines you are doing. Studies have shown that couples that exercise together, regardless of separation in routines, have only a 6.3% rate of dropping out. This is in contrast to the 40% chance of dropout that is exhibited by couples that do not exercise together. Also in forging your relationship with your partner, exercise serves as a very useful bonding experience. Perhaps. as you talk about your experiences during a fitness routine, you may discover a part of your partner that you might not have known.


Exercise is key in forging of healthy relationships. It helps boost your mental health generally which reflects in your relationships with people. It is also a good way to bond with people.

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