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Falling In Love With Exercise Will Help You Fall In Love

Use Exercise To Build Healthy Relationships

Relationships are built mainly on shared experiences. Shared experiences are not limited to the good ones. Indeed, even the less than spectacular time shared forges bonds in relationships. Waking up on cold mornings together with your better half to exercise is something you might be very unwilling to do. However, this is an experience that could serve as a means of bonding. As you discuss your routines and failures during the exercises you get closer with each other. There is also the possibility you might be unwilling to let each other down. As a result, you end up doing the exercises regardless of your feelings towards them. These relationships are not delimited to your better half. Exercise also forges healthy relationships between you and your workmates, friends and children. Here is how exercise can have a positive impact on your relationship:

Reduces your stress levels

When it comes to relationships, stress is the least needed element. Your mental health is of paramount importance in maintaining your confidence levels while interacting with people. Stress tends to make you emotional and aggressive straining your relationships with people. As we exercise, the body releases endorphins, the feel good hormone. This makes us feel better giving us the ability to combat stress. The more you exercise the more endorphins released. This translates into a better mental health. Less stress results in happier less strained relationships. For more techniques to deal with stress here.

Builds your confidence levels

Many people are insecure due to their body shapes. The main purpose of exercise should not always be to lose weight. You should also strive to get a better build. Indeed, to get the body shape you desire. As you take steps towards a leaner, stronger body, you achieve stronger self-esteem. This is possible because you will be feeling better about yourself and this positive perception of yourself will show in your interactions with others. The increased levels of confidence will make your current relationships stronger and also give you courage to reach out to new people.

Creates some personal time

We sometimes get so caught up in work, children and our finances that we might not have time for ourselves. All these time consuming commitments end up taking a toll on our mental health. When you step out for a run, you have no commitments in that moment. It is just you and your personal time. Scientific studies have shown that exercise helps boost blood flow in the brain. This can help you in decision making, problem solving and goal setting. Essentially exercise helps you think clearer. This clarity of thought reflects on your relationships with others.

Sharing with your partner

Doing exercises together with your partner helps boost your confidence in exercising. It generates your commitment to the routines you are doing. Studies have shown that couples that exercise together, regardless of separation in routines, have only a 6.3% rate of dropping out. This is in contrast to the 40% chance of dropout that is exhibited by couples that do not exercise together. Also in forging your relationship with your partner, exercise serves as a very useful bonding experience. Perhaps. as you talk about your experiences during a fitness routine, you may discover a part of your partner that you might not have known.


Exercise is key in forging of healthy relationships. It helps boost your mental health generally which reflects in your relationships with people. It is also a good way to bond with people.

How do hormones impact your romantic relationship?

Do hormones impact your relationship?

Maybe your relationship is heading south, and you don’t know why. If you are married, perhaps certain issues have pushed you to contemplate a divorce. You don’t know what is happening in your relationship or marriage. Something has suddenly changed, and you don’t feel loved. Your partner, on the other hand, doesn’t feel appreciated either. When you are together, you don’t speak to one another as usual. If you ever reach this point, there is a possibility that the level of Oxytocin commonly referred to as the “love hormone” is lower or the level of his testosterone is also low. These two hormones tend to play a crucial role in a relationship. Read on to understand how these hormones determine the stability of your relationship.


Oxytocin is usually secreted by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The hormone tends to be released whenever two people snuggle up or bond romantically. According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior, Oxytocin can even be secreted when you play with your favorite pet. The hormone can intensify memories about relationships that didn’t work out or make people less accepting of other people they deem as outsiders. Depending on the environment, Oxytocin can make you feel cuddly or more suspicious of others.

Oxytocin in Women

Larry Young, a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta, noted that Oxytocin also plays a crucial role in the birth process and child nursing. The hormone causes uterine contractions during labor and after that helps in shrinking of the uterus. Oxytocin is also responsible for mother-child bonding. On the other hand, a study conducted at the University of Oxford indicated that giving a couple oxytocin enhanced their romantic relations and marital well-being. The hormone can be released naturally through cuddling, kissing and sexual intercourse. Problems start to arise when the level of oxytocin start to decrease. Couples are advised to keep the level elevated through frequent communication, kissing and cuddling. Date nights and game nights can also help in raising the levels of the “love hormone.” A woman can also engage in social activities, exercising and volunteering to maintain adequate levels of this hormone. Find out more about how oxytocin promotes human to human bonding.

Testosterone in men

The involvement of a man in a relationship hugely depends on a hormone referred to as testosterone. Low-level of testosterone hormone in men can lead to a diminished desire for sexual activities. Two scenarios can result in the decrease of testosterone in men; when they are entering a relationship and when they are aging. When a man stays in a single relationship for a longer period, the effects of low testosterone start to manifest. Some of the signs that indicate low levels of testosterone in men include low sex drive, depression irritability, and fatigue.

A man can increase his level of testosterone through more “wins.” Watching his favorite football team thrash opponents, doing well at work or hanging out with his fellow men can contribute to an increase in the level of testosterone. At home, the one prominent booster of the hormone is when he feels appreciated. Whenever he gets a win such as hearing a big “thank you” from his partner or statements such as “you are the greatest,” it can make him feel a superman inside which increases the amount of testosterone released by his body.

Therefore, the key to a happy, healthy and romantic relationship may lie in keeping the woman’s oxytocin and the man’s testosterone level in the most “appropriate zone.”



Most Successful Vitamins And Minerals For Sex

Sex is an integral part of everyone’s lives. However there are many people who face problems in their sexual life due to their physical problems which leads to lack of intimacy and other relationship issues. One should supplement with proper minerals and vitamins to regain the energy to perform better “in the bedroom”. In this article, I will reveal a list of vitamins and minerals which will contribute to one’s sexual performance.

Vitamins And Minerals For Sex


This one natural supplement helps in increasing libido, performance and also helps in improving sperm quality. This is a herb which has been in use for thousands of years. Earlier, it was used only in Chinese medicines, but gradually as science started to do more research, people came to know about its benefits. There have been enough researches over the years and men have reported to have better performance and sexual satisfaction after consuming this substance for few weeks.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for both male and female as it produces sex hormones in the body. It is important for women as it helps in maintaining a normal reproductive cycle. With regards to men, studies show it improved sperm count and improved performance. Vitamin A can be boosted through consumption of foods like mango, carrot, green leafy vegetables, chilies, sweet potato, tomato, watermelon etc.

Vitamin B3

This vitamin is necessary for metabolism and short bursts of energy. This kind of intense energy is required during love making session. Vitamin B3 is also necessary for production of enzymes, better skin and nerve health. This vitamin helps in your sexual life by increasing blood flow to your private parts (sexual organs) which leads to better orgasm.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is considered the “Sex Vitamin” because it increases blood flow and oxygen to one’s sexual organs. This not only occurs in men, but it also plays an important role for women. This vitamin is also responsible for giving you a sex boost and preserves your vitality and youthfulness.

Folic Acid

This vitamin is very important if you are planning to have babies. It is important for both partners to take folic acid if having a child is the plan. It prevents birth defects in babies and also increases sperm count in men.


Magnesium is an important mineral which aids in the production of androgen and estrogen. These hormones are sex hormones which help in regulating your sex life. This mineral helps in improving libido and enhances sexual performance. Magnesium also helps in controlling sex drive so that one keeps calmed and relaxed. Foods which are rich in magnesium include rice, where, cashews, molasses, soybeans, cocoa powder, flax seeds, basils. Find out the extra health benefits of taking the best form of magnesium here.


Zinc is a mineral which is often considered the most important one in increasing testosterone and sperm count. Not only in men, but healthy testosterone levels in women lead to a wonderful sex life. Zinc helps in regulation of prostatic fluid. If you are deficient in zinc, then your prostate will hurt which will lead to a poor sex life.


This mineral is important for men as it is important for the production of sperm. 50% of the selenium is present in the testes. Men loose selenium from their body when they ejaculate and hence having optimum levels of this mineral is very crucial for a good sex life.

As you can see, taking your vitamins and minerals can make a difference in the “making love” department.


8 Ways Love Affects The Brain

Do you know what happened to your brain when you fall in love? Falling in love at “first sight” has an impact on your emotional state, but it also affects us physically. This article will reveal the various ways love affects us all backed by science.

Ways love affects the brain:

Recently science has suggested fascinating information about things which happen in our brain. They have said that the sense of falling in love is associated with the release of a chemical called serotonin which helps in regulating our mood and behavior. Deficiency of serotonin leads to depression and other such mood based diseases.

Changes in hormones: The beginning of love starts with lust and gradually moves on to attraction and attachment. When there is feeling of lust, the hormones flow in the body with intense desire. There is a boost of adrenaline in the body which makes the heart beat fast. A chemical called dopamine is released in the brain which creates a sense of euphoria. Dopamine is also released in the brain by other pleasurable stimuli including drugs also.

The Drugs Effect: Not just by falling in love but even before that, if a person sees the face of someone whom he/she is attracted to, the same part of the brain is activated which is in the case of a pain killer. A recent study has also shown that men who were give small doses of morphine rated the photographs of women’s faces as more attractive than the one who didn’t receive any dose. This finding suggests that the opioid system in the brain is responsible for this.

You must have heard many people saying that when they are in love, they feel their heart beat to be fast which causes them sleepless nights. This is also the reason why there is excessive blood flow in the brain’s pleasure center. Magnetic resonance imagining tests show that that particular area of the brain lights up when people are in love. The surge in blood flow happens during the initial attraction period.

After being in love for quite some time, the brain has developed tolerance to these chemicals. The attraction phase is replaced by the attachment phase comes and this is where hormones like oxytocin and vasopressin start functioning inside the brain creating a feeling of security, loyalty and well being.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: In the early stages of a relationship, one tends to feel all exhaustive and encompassing. This is because of the lower levels of serotonin which is a hormone which produces calmness. Due to this you tend to become obsessive with the person day and night.

Calming Headaches: Since levels of oxytocin are already high in your system, it helps to reduce stress. As a result, you tend to get fewer headaches. This has been proved by many doctors using the oxytocin therapy to control headaches.

Dilating Pupils: When you look at your partner whom you romantically desire, your pupil will start dilating. This excitement is the result of stimulation of the nervous system which makes the pupil grows in size.

To Sum Up:

Overall, we see love has very good effects on our body from calming effects to removal of anxiety and headaches. Sometimes people tend to have negative effects due to these chemicals in the brain which bring out reactions of jealousy, anger and insecurity. To learn more about the brain and how to keep it healthy for life (and love), find out what brain supplements are best.


Why Celebrity Love News Will Never End

Millions of people not only keep themselves updated with celebrity gossip but also with celebrity news. These people prefer to know more about their favorite celebrity. Being either good or bad news, these people do not care much as long as it is about their favorite celebrity. Celebrity news is exposed to the public by the help of the multi-million industry.

A lot of people who do not spend their money on celebrity magazines and tabloids still become updated to the latest happenings in the show business as well the life and career of their favorite celebrities by just catching a glimpse of these news headlines. Celebrity scandals are also being aired thanks to those television news channels that then keep most people updated and even occupy, even briefly, some people’s time and mind.

Don’t we have more important thoughts to think about? Even though we do, knowing about the actions and scandals of celebrities make us feel fine and somehow we are able to forget our mundane problems. Other people even turn into a celebrity obsessed person. Do you think that is how a healthy mind works? Does this constitute of us seeing ourselves negatively?

But, either we like it or not, celebrity news and celebrity gossips and scandals are not going anywhere. People love hearing and knowing and even watching anything with regards to celebrities and their lives and so they look for the latest news and even snippets and clips – whatever they can find. Human as we are, it is understandable for us to be subjected such failings that majority of us suffer. We tend to see celebrities as people who are from another world who are more special, unique and different than normal beings.

The even look like unreal and just two-dimensional. But, celebs tend to appear and become realer and just the same human being like us when we get a slice of information about their personal life, gossips and scandals or even news. We even find ourselves curious about these celebrities’ latest love partner, weight and even their behavior during and after parties. Considered as a very big deal nowadays are photos taken of or with celebrities.

For us candid photos of celebrities tend to make them appear more human because we think that with those photos, the ‘real’ them are revealed. So we like to believe that through celebrity photos and news, we get to know more and see more of our favorite celebrities. The celebrity body gets flesh through personal information. The realization will then spring our from us that these celebrities are just like us – real people – who we can relate to, we can even love or hate.