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Welcome to my website I wanted a place to share my insights and knowledge about love, the opposite sex, sex and even relationships. Now I am a lot of things but despite being medically qualified as a Doctor, I am not an expert in any of this stuff. I do however have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge in this area after having a number of long(er) term relationships explode.

So now I’m on a quest to discover everything there is to know about love, sex and relationships. Perhaps my future holds marriage in store for me, perhaps not, but if I do get there (and I hope I do) then I want to be empowered with the knowledge that I will be able to keep my man happy and satisfied and not make some of the crucial mistakes I’ve made in teh past.

So my friend, yes that means you…yes you reading this now…strap in for a lovegood ride because this love and these goods are good. If you know what I mean. Maybe we can discover some stuff together!

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Resources List

This is the first website I’ve ever worked on so I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing but seems like it would be a good idea to pop anything really useful that I come across somewhere on my site so that somewhere is below!

The only things listed below are guides/articles and other stuff I read that I find uber helpful in my quest to become a superstar love ninja. It is my expectation that this list will grown over time.

Noteworthy Articles:

The 5 most overlooked relationship killers
Probably every person thinking about being in a relationship should read this post. Seriously.

How to build trust in a relationship

A guide for the ladies on safe sex

Get your ideal weight by eating right
Looking good means feeling good, and feeling good about yourself is pretty important in a keeping your sex life healthy and juicy. Not to mention your health life! As a Doc I’m really into preventative medicine with myself (and anyone else who will listen!!) Dr Kim is all about that which is why I read her blog.


Co-Dependents Anonymous
A fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships.
This is a website for helping people who have suffered a bad break up.